Food For Thought Darlington bags support from Clive Owen LLP

Date posted: 2nd Jan 2020

We are once again supporting Food For Thought Darlington (FFTD) through its reverse advent calendar campaign.

Following last year’s successful fundraising initiative, staff at Clive Owen were keen to support the community project again by bringing in a donation of tins or dried goods every day of advent.

FFTD rescues surplus food from supermarkets and other businesses, which has been removed from the shelves for a variety of reasons. Supermarkets are legally unable to sell these items however, often they are good and tasty. FFTD redistributes these items in food parcels and also cooks with them to provide hot meals in pop up cafes throughout the town.

Activities are carried out on a not-for-profit, pay-as-you-feel (PAYF) basis, enabling people to ‘pay’ for their meal or items in any way they choose, without an expectation that they will use money and without judgement about what they choose to do.

People can ‘pay’ in several ways including helping out on the day, getting involved with the project, bringing an item to donate and spreading the word about FFTD.

Martin Hobson, Senior Manager at Clive Owen LLP, said: “The team at our Darlington office was really keen to take part in a reverse advent calendar campaign again following the success of last year’s fundraising for Food For Thought.

Leah Homer has coordinated all the fundraising efforts for us and done a sterling job. The teams have really pulled together and enjoyed supporting this great local cause.

“As a local business, we understand the need to support local charities and community groups, and throughout the year we make sure to do our best to identify those in need. This time of year, can be especially difficult for some families to put food on the table, and we’re proud to be part of this fantastic initiative.”

Louise Graham, Founder, Director and Coordinator of FFTD said: “We are so grateful to staff at Clive Owen for continuing to support us this year. Christmas is a very busy time for us, with Christmas Eve food parcels to deliver and a post-Christmas Blues buster event on the 28th December. All of the donations we receive go directly to the people of Darlington and will, I am sure, help to make Christmas a more enjoyable time as a result.”

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