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We have expert knowledge of the grants market and subsidy control legislation, meaning that we can deliver high quality, robust applications time and time again. This is reflected in our superb success rate in excess of 90% across 250 plus applications.

We acknowledge that many business owners do not have the time to complete the often-substantial application packs that are required to secure a successful grant offer, and therefore we offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of the application process, including:

  • Initial expression of interest including developing the case for grant support and maximising the eligible project expenditure within the parameters of the complex subsidy control legislation that governs grant funding
  • Full application including completing the standard documentation required by each unique grant scheme as well as preparing additional supporting documentation such as detailed financial forecasts and business plans
  • Appraisal and due diligence support including attending appraisal meetings and handling queries raised by the appraising body
  • Reviewing the final grant offer letter and advising on any points of negotiation

 What does this mean to you?

  • Improved chances of a successful application. Our extensive knowledge of the grant system and subsidy control rules means we achieve a success rate of 90%+, well above scheme averages
  • Saving of time. We can take the significant burden of a grant application off your hands, leaving you free to focus on managing your business
  • Peace of mind. Our subsidy control expertise allows us to identify and address any subsidy control compliance issues before they arise
  • Maximised grant potential. Our expertise in relation to subsidy control rules and developing the case for grant support means that your project receives the level of grant support it deserves

For more details of how our delivery process works check out our Grant Application FAQs below:


Which types of projects attract business grant support?

Grant support can be secured on a range of growth and efficiency projects including expansion, capital investment, research and development, energy efficiency and consultancy support.

What business grant support is available?

Levels of grant support vary according to the types of investment being made and the location of the project. Support could range from 10% for a capital investment by a large business, through to 50% or more for a research and development project involving collaboration. Contact us or see our grant funding opportunities page to find out what could be available for your business.

What is Subsidy Control / State Aid?

Subsidy control rules (formerly known as state aid) apply to financial assistance awarded by a public authority which gives the beneficiary enterprise an economic advantage. This financial assistance could take the form of a grant award, loans with interest below market rate, or free use of office space or equipment. Clive Owen LLP extensive knowledge of subsidy control regulations and have a proven track record in delivering subsidy control complaint grant awards under these measures.

Is the location of my project important when seeking business grant support?

Yes, levels of grant support can vary significantly between locations. Some areas will have active grant schemes for purposes when others may not. Furthermore, subsidy control/ state aid law places further restrictions of the level of support available between different geographical areas.

How long does it take to secure a business grant?

Timescales vary across different grant schemes, however typically the timeframe from submission of an application to receipt of a grant offer letter can be between two and four months. Forward planning is therefore vitally important to ensure that an application can be approved ahead of a project commencing.

How does the application process work?

Our approach grant application assignments is to offer a full consultancy service, meaning Clive Owen LLP will undertake the majority of the work, including drafting the application forms and preparing financial forecasts. Our delivery process involves:

  • Completion of anti-money laundering and know your client checks;
  • Issue of engagement letter;
  • Undertake an initial, high-level review of the proposed project through discussions with you and review of financial information to confirm eligibility and identify any potential issues;
  • Spend the necessary amount of time with you so as to gain an understanding of the business, including the key drivers for the success of the business, the dynamics of its operations and the industry generally;
  • Advise and assist in the completion of the full application form, financial appendices and other attachments;
  • Prepare three year financial projections including profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow, split monthly;
  • Formulate the case for assistance to justify the amount of grant, having regard to subsidy control regulations, including preparation of sensitised versions of the project financial projections to quantify and evidence the level of grant support required;
  • Handling queries raised by the grant scheme administrators;
  • Supporting through the appraisal/due diligence process undertaken by a firm of external accountants; and
  • Advising on the terms of any grant funding letter.

The completion of our work usually takes two-three weeks, and the grant scheme administrators will typically need around two weeks to do their initial checks and hold an investment panel meeting. Once a successful decision is received within a few days of the meeting, a due diligence process is undertaken by another firm of external accountants, which typically takes around four weeks. On completion of due diligence, you will receive your grant offer.

Can I start my project whilst my business grant application is processed?

Most grant schemes do not allow any commitment to be made to a project until a grant application has been approved. This includes placing orders and appointing contractors.

What will be expected if I receive a business grant?

Typical conditions of a grant award include a requirement to invest a fixed amount of money in a specific project, job creation or safeguarding targets, legal requirements in relation to retention of assets and jobs, limits on other public sector support and securing matched funding from other sources.

Do I have to repay my business grant in any circumstances?

Most business grant offer letters contain conditions that must be met. Some of these conditions apply before business grants have been paid out, but others are monitored once funds have been advanced. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in a grant becoming repayable.

What is the likelihood of a successful business grant application?

Success rates for business grant applications vary between grant schemes. This could range from less than 20% for competitive national schemes, through to 70% or more for localised grant programmes. Our expert grants advisory team have a success rate of over 90% across all schemes.


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