Virtual Finance Office

Virtual Finance Office


Our VFO is an outsourced solution that saves you both time and monetary resources, we help resolve any issues you may have with finance functions and ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

For any business, handling finances can cause confusion and stress, all businesses require something different and so it is often challenging to manage a system with no guidance. Reporting and forecasting is a vital part of your business’ success, Clive Owen will ensure that everything is in order and any discrepancies are resolved.

Our solution enables you to have peace of mind regarding all your financial delegations, from remaining HRMC compliant to meeting government criteria.  We ensure wages are processed on time and staff are given appropriate notice and guidance towards any changes.


I already use a finance service, is it difficult to change?

The process would be smooth and be done in a timely response, we would contact your existing finance team and liaise with them to transfer all the details we would require. This transition would be completely handled by our team to ensure your business continues to run smoothly without any issues.


Our VFO is made up of:


We can also offer support to your existing finance team and work hand in hand with them, providing everything they may need to ensure your finances are taken care of efficiently and in good time.

  • Training- we can offer comprehensive training on all areas of finance, from navigating a new system to mentoring staff on upskilling in the financial office environment.
  • Review your Management Accounts- If you would simply like a health check of your accounts, this is something we can offer. A complete audit of your finances gives you peace of mind from a trusted source, as well as highlighting any areas for concern.
  • Improving your systems- if your current cloud accounting system isn’t up to scratch, we can suggest and implement a more appropriate one. We will of course be on standby should an error arise, and we will train your staff to be confident using such tools.


Why choose us?

We are chartered accountants and business advisers; we take a holistic approach when working with your finances. We understand every business is unique and developing at different rates. Because of this, we offer bespoke services that will accommodate any concerns you may have, and we will be on hand to give a rapid response to any issue you may face. We have over 35 years of experience and this is further developed through our highly skilled, established staff.

Watch the video below, to find out more about what the team does and how they can help you and your business!

Take a look at what our clients have to say about our VFO service here.

If you want to free up time and money to put back into your business, contact us here to discuss our package options.


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