Food and Drink

Food and drink services require the help from specialist accountants who are able to advise on a range of different topics.

Specifically, we can offer detailed advice in the following topics:

  • ROI and Taxes. We can help ensure you only pay the taxes you should. We also help your business achieve effective return on investment (ROI) with regards to costs
  • R&D Tax Credits- The government emphasise the importance of food and drink businesses within the economy. Subsequently, R&D is offered to businesses to encourage further development within the sector. We can also effectively secure refunds, if required
  • P&L Project Rebates- Profit making companies involved in R&D may be eligible for a 26% refund associated with certain costs. In contrast, for loss making businesses, 33% cashback can be claimed on certain costs. Undeniably, we are able to secure refunds for clients, as necessary

We employ a team of specialists with extensive knowledge in the sector.

Along with our highly experienced team, we are able to understand your businesses and requirements. In conclusion, our multiple years of experience can help your business to grow.

We are able to assist you throughout every stage of your businesses life cycle. From your business plans at the beginning, to providing strategy, financial projections and introductions to high net worth individuals.

In summary, we feel that we are well placed to support you through each stage of your businesses life cycle.

What we offer

How we can help

  • Free eligibility test
  • Minimise director involvement
  • Easy to understand process
  • No win, no pay service
  • No minimum tie-in agreement

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