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Grant Audits and Independent Accountants Reports

We are recognised nationally as a leading provider of grant audits and independent accountants reports across a wide variety of grant schemes including Innovate UK, Technology Strategy Board and Regional Growth Fund.

Many of the grant schemes available to businesses today require an independent accountant’s report to be submitted in support of claims for grant draw down on at least an annual basis.

We have extensive experience in delivering grant audit services, having produced over 100 independent accountants reports in the past three years alone across a range of schemes including:

Examples include:

  • Regional Growth Fund
  • Let’s Grow North East
  • Tees Valley Capital Grant Scheme
  • Technology Strategy Board / Innovate UK
  • Employer Ownership Fund
  • HSBC Assisted Asset Purchase
  • Lombard Regional Growth Fund
  • Close Brothers Regional Growth Fund (RGF) Asset Purchase
  • Deutsche Leasing Regional Growth Fund
  • Selective Finance for Investment (SFI)
  • Grants for Business Investment (GBI)

We are also able to provide Post Completion Monitoring Reports which are required from beneficiaries of a number of schemes, both current and historic, when your grant offer reaches the end of the conditions period.

What does this mean to you?

  • Maximised grant claims. Our comprehensive and robust approach will ensure that your grant claim is maximised to its fullest potential whilst remaining compliant with the terms of your grant offer letter
  • Saving of time. We can design systems and procedures that will ensure that you capture all of the data relevant to your grant offer in the most efficient manner possible • A compliant report. All of our independent accountant’s reports are signed by one of our team of registered auditors, as required by all of the region’s major grant schemes
  •  Efficient grant payment. Our independent accountant’s reports are recognised for their quality by grant administering bodies



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