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State Aid Advisory


We have vast experience in utilising many different state aid measures in order to deliver an optimal grant support package for our clients. This involves us providing state advice to both grant scheme administrators and to applicants.

Adverse state aid positions can severely restrict or even prohibit grant funding availability. We can offer a range of solutions to enable grant aid to be offered when on first glance it is perhaps not considered possible.

We have extensive knowledge of both the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) and the De Minimis Aid regulations and have a proven track record in delivering state aid complaint grant awards under both measures. We have utilised lessor know aid measures such as aid for disadvantaged workers, aid for environmental protection, aid for research, development and innovation and training aid to support businesses outside of assisted areas.

We can also support applicants in complying with common provisions for GBER applications, including incentive effect documentation and undertaking in difficulty compliance. We can also assist applicants in determining the size of their entity under the SME definition – this can significantly impact on the level of grant funding available.


What does this mean to you?

  • Peace of mind. We will review the state aid position of a potential applicant before any application proceeds, giving applicants the comfort that they are compliant
  • Independent advice. We can support grant awarding bodies with independent advice on state aid compliance, ensuring potential applicants are fully informed of their state aid obligations throughout the application, contracting and claim processes
  • Maximised grant potential. We can support applicants in choosing the correct state aid measure to secure the funding needed to unlock projects
  • Saving of time. We can prevent non-compliant applications from wasting unnecessary time with an application pack





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