Mark Alexander – Harry Hall Ltd

I am Group Finance Director for the International Riding Company Limited, which incorporates the following companies, Harry Hall (on-line retailer of equestrian products and services), Stuncroft Limited (manufacturer and wholesaler of tailored clothing including bespoke MTM suits) and Huufe Limited (Equestrian App that uses GPS to track and trace your rides)

We appointed Clive Owen LLP in April 2017 and since then they have helped to undertake all audit, tax and R&D work for the group and its subsidiaries. Clive Owen have become a valued partner, acting as consultants on the strategic direction of the company.

Our business is unique with many differing options from manufacturing and retail to subscriptions and insurance – Clive Owen have added value by enabling us to provide shareholder wealth.

Providing informative solutions to strategic business decision making above and beyond the traditional role of auditors means that I would absolutely recommend Clive Owen for their continued proactive approach to the direction of the business.

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