Late filing tax return penalties – what next?

Date posted: 8th Feb 2023

The 31 January 2023 deadline has passed – if you did not manage to submit your 2021/22 Tax Return by the deadline, then HMRC will issue an automatic late filing penalty of £100.

According to HMRC figures, some 600,000 taxpayers did not meet the deadline, meaning that HMRC will have raised around £60m in additional funds due to the late filing penalties. It may be that many of these penalties will be cancelled or appealed but there is still likely to be a significant figure in relation to penalties unnecessarily paid.

To appeal a penalty, the individual will need to explain why they have a reasonable excuse for not meeting the deadline. It can be an onerous task to prove this but we have significant experience in such penalty appeals.

Looking ahead, if the submission delay continues, there are further daily £10 late filing penalties from 1 May 2023 as well as late payment penalties from 2 March 2023. Interest will already be running on any late payments of tax, at a not insignificant rate of 6% – rising to 6.5% from later this month.

As ever, we are more than happy to chat through your self-assessment obligations with you and discuss whether you have a reasonable excuse for late filing.

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