Tax planning – is now the time to consider this?

Date posted: 8th Feb 2023

You know that feeling – the one after a large chunk of your personal monies are sent to HMRC….

Is it time to make a late new year’s resolution to consider your tax position for 2022/23 ahead of the end of the tax year on 5 April 2023?

There may be opportunities to reduce taxes with pension contributions, using spouse’s allowances, using annual exemptions and so forth.

It may even be possible to reduce your 2021/22 tax bill.

If you would like to legitimately reduce your 2021/22 tax bill that you have just paid, or your bill for 2022/23, you might want to consider investing in shares in qualifying Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) companies.

Under this HMRC approved scheme every £1,000 you invest reduces your tax bill by £300 (30%), provided you are not connected with the company. Broadly you are not allowed to be an employee or control more than 30% of the company.

The reduction in your tax bill is available in the tax year in which the shares are issued, however you may elect to treat some or all of the shares as issued in the previous year and claim tax relief in that previous year.

If you are prepared to take more of a risk by investing in small start-up companies, the Seed EIS scheme provides a 50% tax deduction on up to £100,000 of investments.

Although we can advise you on the tax advantages of investing in EIS and Seed EIS companies you will need to consult with a suitably qualified Independent Financial Adviser who will help you find investments appropriate to your needs – we can introduce one, if required.

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