Tax relief deadline closing on 5 April 2022

Date posted: 17th Mar 2022

If you have previously not claimed full tax relief for say gift aid donations or pension contributions, then in most circumstances, you have four years to make a claim for tax relief.

Therefore if you are entitled to higher rate tax relief on pension contributions for the year to 5 April 2018, you must make a claim by 5 April 2022.

Claims can be made for (not exhaustive):

  1. Personal pension contributions.
  2. Charitable gift aid donations.
  3. Professional fees and subscriptions including some union fees.
  4. Job related expenditure such as equipment bought for your employment.
  5. Business mileage paid at less than the HMRC authorised rates.
  6. Costs of travelling to temporary workplaces.
  7. Marriage allowance or blind persons allowances.
  8. Working from home tax relief.

In addition, if you have made an error or mistake on a previous tax return, you have a similar timeframe to correct the error or mistake.

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