Deja Vu! Voluntary State Pension Contribution Deadline Extended again

Date posted: 7th Jun 2023

Good News!

The government have extended a deadline to allow taxpayers to “top-up” their state pension entitlement , you can read more about it here.

As stated in our previous article, it is possible to voluntarily pay for additional years of missing National Insurance credits to enhance the State Pension you will receive. Usually, H M Revenue & Customs only allow this for gaps in the previous six year’s contributions. However, at present they are allowing individuals to catch up on any missing contributions going back to April 2006.

This temporary arrangement now finishes on 5 April 2025 so anyone who might not have the full 35 years of National Insurance credits should contact H M Revenue and Customs as soon as possible to check their pension forecast and consider whether additional contributions would be beneficial.

The contact details for HMRC are detailed below:

Of course, if you have any queries please contact us here.


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