Share scheme reporting – 6 July 2023 deadline

Date posted: 14th Apr 2023

As well as requiring businesses to declare benefits received by employees by 6 July 2023, HMRC also require companies to notify them of a wide range of transactions in shares and securities (hereafter referred to as “shares”).

Common reporting obligations (not exclusive) are:

  • the issue or transfer of shares;
  • the grant of share options or of other rights to acquire shares;
  • the exercise of share options or other rights to acquire shares.
  • the assignment or release of taxable securities options for consideration;
  • a share for share or share for loan note exchange;
  • the share transactions on a management buyout;
  • a rights issue or a bonus issue;
  • a change in the rights of shares held;
  • a sale of securities that are ‘restricted’.

Some transactions are not reportable – examples are where shares are acquired for nominal value upon incorporation or the acquisition of shares is in the normal course of a domestic, family or personal relationships

It is vitally important that companies take the appropriate action to declare reportable transactions to HMRC to avoid incurring penalties or losing valuable tax reliefs.

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