Mental Wellbeing Matters at Clive Owen LLP

Date posted: 10th Oct 2023

Written by Caroline Bowerbank, HR Director.

Tuesday 10 October 2023 is World Mental Health Day which aims to raise awareness of mental health and drive positive change in all aspects of mental wellbeing.

This year’s theme, set by the World Foundation of Mental Health is ‘Mental health is a universal human right’. This theme means that everyone should be treated in an equal way, no matter if they have good or bad mental well-being, and support should be readily available for everyone.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, however, there is sadly still a stigma around seeking support. Clive Owen LLP are working to combat this stigma, by introducing a series of measures to offer support and guidance for all our team, whenever they may need it.

We adopt a holistic approach and are committed to supporting mental well-being by offering the following assistance to all our colleagues.

Employee Assistance Programme

Employees and their families have free access to 24/7 confidential support through a helpline and 4 structured counselling sessions.

Well-being Support Team

We have trained mental health first aiders at each office who can listen and offer support to colleagues in a confidential way. This can be something as simple as a chat over a coffee or signposting to further support if required.

Financial Wellbeing

We provide support through webinars on various financial matters and employees can access one-to-one support with a financial adviser.


Kaido is a team-based Wellbeing Challenge designed to help teams look after their physical and mental health in a fun and interactive way. There is also the opportunity to win prizes and medals.

Flexible working options

We provide a variety of options for flexible working including nine-day fortnight, flexible start and finish times, part-time working hours and hybrid working. A healthy work-life balance prevents burnout, stress and exhaustion.

Monitoring and support

The HR team analyse data, provide insights into trends, and offer interventions. Employees are encouraged to talk to line managers and the HR team about any well-being concerns as we want to foster a supportive environment, enhance communication, provide timely assistance, and enable early identification of issues.


Providing these initiatives fosters a caring ethos and helps employees feel motivated and know that they can access support whenever they need it.

I have been a mental health first aider since April 2019 which has given me the tools and knowledge to support my colleagues. I have worked part-time since having my first child 12 years ago, and so working for an employer who supports work-life balance and allows me the flexibility to attend school plays and sports days is essential. Also walking and reading helps me to maintain good mental health.

Read more about how we support our teams mental well-being here.



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