HMRC Closure of Certificate of Tax Deposit Scheme

Date posted: 13th Apr 2023

Reminder letters have been issued by HMRC in relation to the Certificate of Tax Deposit (CTD) scheme. The CTD was a way for individuals and companies to deposit funds with HMRC for use at a later date against several types of tax liabilities. This was useful for the purpose of saving interest, in the event of an ongoing enquiry where final assessments had yet to be issued by HMRC.

The scheme closed to new applicants in November 2017, however existing CTDs can still be used until 23 November 2023. After this date, HMRC will attempt to repay any unclaimed balances. In the event of HMRC being unable to contact the certificate holder, the balance will be forfeited. This can be the case if a customer has not updated their address with HMRC.

If a CTD is held which can not or does not need to be used, this should be withdrawn from HMRC to prevent the risk of forfeiture.

HMRC should be contacted as soon as possible using the details below, if you believe that you or your company have a CTD but have not received a reminder letter regarding this.


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