Claiming higher rate tax relief for pension contributions and gift aid donations

Date posted: 7th Dec 2020

If you are a higher rate taxpayer and pay into a personal pension or to charities under the gift aid scheme, then you may be able to claim some additional tax relief as a result of the payments.

The payment of such monies could also help with the reduction of any child benefit repayment and reinstatement of personal allowances (for those earning over £100,000).

You can claim relief by either completing a Self Assessment Tax Return or writing to HMRC with details of your national insurance number, earnings and the payment(s) made (in a tax year), so that they can calculate the relief due to you.

Importantly, you can also make a claim for a number of earlier tax years. At the date of writing this article (December 2020), you can make a claim going back to the tax year to 5 April 2017, as long as the claim is submitted to HMRC by 5 April 2021.

If you need any help with making a claim, please contact our tax team here.

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